I know first-hand how difficult it can be when you're in a job you don't enjoy, looking for work to pay the bills or striving to achieve your career ambitions. So this guide exists to kick-start the next stage of your career, find a job that pays the bills and enjoy the work you do.


Before you get into the guide know that your career goal, however grand or simple, is achievable and whether you're looking to launch the next big-thing or have a job that's the same every single day it's your goal that matters.


I've brought together some essential facts, tips and tools to help you kick-start your career and live the life you want to live, free of the limits you place on yourself.



1 - Important facts about the world of work

2 - Job-Hunting Essentials

3 - Applying for Jobs and Smashing the interview

4 - Being your own boss

5 - Managing the challenges

6 - Career Planning Toolkit

Your Career Kick-Starting Kit

  • Your Self-Help Guide is a PDF, accessible on PCs, Laptops and Mobile Devices. You can also print your download.