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Useful tips

To make your life easier. Today

Often, when experiencing bouts of Stress, Anxiety, or Worry being clear on what you can control will help alleviate negative feels and emotions. 

This happens because, when you're in control, you can move forward towards the things, experiences and outcomes you want, instead of being at the mercy of things happening around you. Why not try this, to help take control, today:

  1. Write down the thing causing you Stress, Anxiety or Worry

  2. List the things you have absolute control over

  3. Write the list of things you have zero control over. Put this list in the bin. You can't do anything about it. So energy spent on this is, quite literally, a waste.

  4. Now take your list of things you have absolute control over and for each thing decide what action you will take to get the outcome, or result you want. This is your 'to-do' list.

  5. Work your way through your to-do list, confident in the knowledge that you are doing the things you can, and nothing else is relevant.

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