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It's your choice...

When you've finished reading this post you will do one of two things.

You will either lie to yourself and tell yourself I'm wrong, or that it doesn't apply to you. Or you'll realise that what I've said is 100% correct. And you'll do something about it.

My advice? Choose to do something about it.

Choice. It's yours.

It really is that simple. Choice. Everything in life is about choice. Everything you do. Even deciding to read the rest of this post is a choice. And I'm glad you're choosing to keep reading. Because if you're someone who feels like you can't do something (anything). Or that the ability to live an amazing life doesn't apply to you then what I'm about to say can change your life. If you choose to change it.

It's quite a bold statement to say you choose everything, especially when there are so many things that seem to just happen to you. So let me explain.

When you wake up in the morning you can choose to be miserable - because you're not a morning person, so there's nothing you can do about it, or you can choose to be in a good mood and make the most of every second because life is for living!

Or when your boss asks you to do something you don't like doing you can choose to do it. Or tell him/her to f*** off!

Or when your rent is due. Or your mortgage. You can choose to pay it. Or you can use the money to go on a day out with your family and friends.

Now you might be thinking - I can't tell my boss to f*** off! I'll get sacked. So know this. You can tell them to f*** off. And you probably will get sacked. You still get to choose. Is getting sacked worth the joy of telling your boss to f*** off?

If it is, then do it! There is literally nothing stopping you. If you can't afford to lose your job, then maybe the right choice is to do what they've asked (unless it's something unethical or illegal).

And what about your rent/mortgage? Well it's simple. If you want to keep your home, then the right choice is probably to pay it. But what if it's a choice between feeding your kids and falling behind on your mortgage? That's a little more difficult right? You can choose to do both.

Choose to call your mortgage provider/landlord and explain your situation. Tell them you're choosing to prioritise your kids' survival right now, so your payments will be a little down this month. The law protects you from immediate issues with rent/mortgage payments. But the law doesn't feed your kids!

So because the consequences of your choices may be terrible it means you should understand these consequences before choosing. And if you're willing to accept the consequences you're able to make the choice and accept it for what it is.

How does this help you day-to-day?

Once you accept:

1 - You choose everything


2 - You must accept the consequences of your choices

Then you're in a position to move forward and live the life you want by making the choices that will get you there.

Not all choices will determine whether you keep your job or your home. Sometimes they're more simple - like whether to eat a cake or not, whether to learn something new. Or whether to get off your arse and exercise. They might even be things like choosing whether to let others' opinions have an impact on how you feel about yourself.

And the basic principles of your choices still apply. Imagine waking up and deciding to wear an outfit that's quite bold. Something you don't usually wear. And imagine feeling awesome when you see yourself in the mirror.

And imagine that you've not worn this before because you were worried about what others say. But today that doesn't matter. And imagine you pop to the shop and hear someone in the stop mutter to one of their friends about how it looks awful on you.

You can either ignore it and stay happy - because this person is genuinely irrelevant in your life and their opinion has no value. Or you can ponder the comment all the way home. And as soon as you look in the mirror you no longer feel awesome. You feel like you look stupid. So you get changed.

In this situation the consequences of choosing to ignore the comment is happiness. For you. Even though this is sometimes the difficult choice, it's the one that would have made you happy.

And if you took the choice to let that irrelevant person's comment weigh on your mind the consequences is upset, misery and self-doubt.

So choose wisely. Letting poisonous comments that people say, or might say, dictate your choices and the way you live your life is going to make you miserable. And you'll never live the life you want if you keep choosing to listen to these arseholes.

Now let's look at your health and fitness choices.

I'll admit to you here and now that I like cake. I like junk food and I eat far too much of it. And each time I'm face between the choice of ordering a takeaway or going to McDonalds, I have an internal debate before I choose that goes something like this:

"I really should eat something that's healthier." and then I follow that with something like "Yeah. But pizza?" or "Yeah. But a Big Mac!!" And depending on how focused I am on eating healthily I'll make the choice. But I'll do it consciously. I accept that eating a Big Mac, Fries (and probably cheese bites too) is not going to help me achieve my body goals. Other times I'll choose something healthier.

The consequence of choosing junk food is that I will need to spend more time being active or reduce my calorie intake to make up the difference. The point here is, when I feel that I'm getting fat, I know it's because of the choices I've made. And I simply need to make better choices.

And it's the same with exercise. You know that moment when you're going to sleep and think. "Tomorrow I'm going to exercise. I'm going to get up, get dressed and workout for 30 minutes".

And then in the morning when your ala