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The (not so) secret about success

Before I start - there's a specific reason for the title. There is no 'secret' to success. There never has been and never will be.

My guess is that you saw the title and thought 'what a load of rubbish, let me read this and realise how full of shit this fella is.'.

Well. Now that's out of the way, onto the (not so) secret of success.

The worlds most successful people

I could write a massive list of some inspirational, wealthy and powerful individuals here. Take Alex Ferguson (I'm a Liverpool fan so this hurts to admit). He's recognised as one of the most inspirational and successful football managers in history.

Then there's Bill & Melinda Gates (Microsoft & Bill & Melinda Gates foundation), Angela Merkel (German Chancellor), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Oprah Winfrey (Entrepreneur & TV Personality), Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla, Boring, PayPal), Beyonce Knowles (Musician), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and many more...

They're all famous, wealthy and successful in their fields. And if you ask any of them, they'll all tell you the same thing about you about the 'secret' to success.

First, success isn't the same for everyone. Take money for example. I'd love to be wealthy and I'm sure you would too. It would reduce a lot of pressures we face day-to-day (and introduce new ones).

What about fame? I couldn't imagine anything worse than being famous. The impact this has on your life is something I would hate - but for some people this is what success means.

What about owning property? Owning a business? All great measures of success.

Maybe it's none of that. And for you success is all about looking in the mirror and knowing you've done your best today.

Or it could even be that today, success for you simply meant getting showered and dressed.

So here's the first (not so) secret about success...

YOU define success. What anyone else things about it means nothing. It is, in this case, all about YOU!

It's too late to be successful

Let me use our bunch of famous people. Some of them reached the height of their success in their 20s. Some in their 30s. Others in their 40s. The bottom line? There's no time limit to success. Remember Captain Tom Moore? Raising millions at 100 years old for the NHS?

You can bet he never thought at 50, 60 or 70 that he had that up his sleeve!

Each and every successful person in the world knows that it just doesn't 'happen'. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes a lot of learning about yourself, those around you and how you can improve.

So whether you're 21 and seeing the world at your feet, mid 30s and in the middle of a crisis of confidence or reaching retirement age.

Here's the second (not so) secret to success.

YOU choose when success happens through your actions, effort and focus!

But really successful people have a leg up...

First things first, if you still think this go back to the start. You've clearly not been paying attention. Because YOU define success.

And yeah, some of the people you see in the world as successful did have a leg up. They had wealthy parents, a private education or something similar. But not all of them.

Take Fergie (Alex Ferguson). Thought of as one of the greatest football managers in history and an incredible leader. He wasn't born into the job. He worked in a shipyard before football became his life.

Then there's Oprah Winfrey. She was born into a poor family but worked hard to become the incredible woman she is today.

There are hundreds of other examples - like J.K. Rowling, The CEO of Starbucks and more.

To put it simply, if you want to be successful it's nothing to do with where you are now. It's about where you want to be.

So here's another (not so) secret of success.

If YOU are prepared to put in the effort, develop a limit-free mindset and open yourself up to opportunities to succeed you can and will achieve anything!

But how do I do it? These people must have something special.

The only difference between you and the people you see as successful is that they knew these things weren't 'Secrets'. They knew they could achieve anything. And they put it into practice.

They also knew that even if you have defined your success you can only reach it after you've taken every step towards it.

And you can&#