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Know what you want

And be clear about it

You might have heard of Kind Midas - or the 'Midas Touch'. The story goes that Kind Midas was offered a reward by the Greek God Dionysus for caring for and safely returning his foster father who had been missing.

When Dionysus offer the reward, King Midas asked that everything he touched turned to gold. As his power was granted, Midas quickly began to put it to the test and found that at his touch twigs, leaves, stones - anything did indeed become golden. Exactly what he wanted!

What about you?

What is it you want? Is to be healthier? Have a better job? Maybe even be happier in life in general?

These these are all great things to aspire to. Who wouldn't want a happier, healthier life and the best job? People regularly make statements like this. And then set their sights on achieving this goal. Here's how it usually happens:

Friday: "I want to be happier in life."

Saturday: "I'm really unhappy with my [phone/car/decor/wardrobe]. Now I'm focusing on a happier life. I'm going to change that!"

Sunday: Spend the day Googling new things. Then order it on Amazon Prime for next day.

Monday: "WOOP! Delivery due today!" - It arrives, you open it. WIN! Life's getting better already.

Tuesday: "Look at my new thing"

Wednesday: "I liked that new thing. It made me happy. What other new thing can I get?"

And so-on.

The same is true with job-hunting. Or weightloss. Or fitness.

What about King Midas?

Well, he got exactly what he wanted. Everything he touched turned to gold. And when he ordered a feast that evening to celebrate his new power, and proud that he had just what he wanted it call came crashing down around him.

When he put his drink to his mouth, the liquid turned to gold. When he tried to eat a grape. It turned to gold. Quickly he realised that he had been given, literally, what he'd asked for.

What do you really want?

You should know that you're absolutely right to want to and you can do what you want with your life, your money and your health -good or bad. And it's easy to feel better in the short term.

So consider this - Do you want even more? Even better results? That last longer?

Why don't you think about it like this:

If you want a happier life. Ask yourself: "What do I mean by happiness?" "Is it stress free? More adventures? Financial comfort? A family? More friends?"

If you want a new job. Ask yourself: "What's wrong with the job I have? (If you have one)", "What job would I enjoy? And why?", "What knowledge, skills or experience would I need for my new job. And how do I get them?"

If you want to lose weight. Ask yourself: "Is it the number on the scales? Or the view in the mirror?", "Is it how I look? Or How I feel that I care about?", "Do I want to lose weight because I want to be able to be more active with friends, family or children?"

Know that by asking these questions your goal is becoming more and more specific. And therefore it's already more achievable.

How does this help you?

By having this conversation with yourself about your goal it changes the 'conscious mind' - 'unconscious mind' interaction in your brain and starts to build a clear and achievable result. And the more you refine it, the more you consider what else you need to achieve it, the easier it becomes.

And because your unconscious mind drives your behaviours, and you've built a clear goal that you genuinely want to achieve you'll find that before long you're working towards it with seemingly less effort than you thought it might take.

So what next?

That's down to you. What do you think is next for you?

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