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Same you, now even better!

Happy 2022 Folks! It's that time of year again, where millions of people hang on the tagline of 'new-year-new-me'. They decide that this year is where they really make progress.

But here's the thing - If you prescribe to the notion that this New Year, there's going to be a 'new' you. You could be undermining and discrediting everything you've done to reach where you are, right now.

A definition of 'new' is "not existing before". And this is where the difficulties with 'new-year-new-me' comes in.

By defining 'new me', you're implying that you're starting from nothing and everything that went before is no-longer relevant. Which you and I both know isn't true.

So why not reframe your new year focus...

New Year - Same me, now even better

Remember - where you are today is the direct result of every decision you've made, experience you've lived, and memory you have. So instead of getting rid of what makes you awesome already, why not add to it?

This simple reframe will help you acknowledge and accept everything that has come before and build on it to reach your ambitions for the new year.

Here are a few examples of how it can work for you:

Looking for a new job/career change

The same you has the benefit of your experience. And the better version of you will take a chance on a new job/career. Maybe you'll stay in your current position for a while and learn some new skills first to improve your chances of success?

Living a healthier lifestyle

Getting fit - The same you knows what you like and don't like. Maybe the same you knows that you really don't like running, or lifting weights and you enjoy going for a walk or doing a home workout video. Now the better you can choose to focus on improving your fitness by doing something you enjoy.

Losing Weight - The same you knows that you hate eating lots of vegetables and instead you love fruit, or hearty meals. So now the better you can choose to eat foods you enjoy cooked in a healthier way (e.g. baked instead of deep-fried) or having smaller portions (e.g. 2 slices of toast with light-spread, instead of 3 slices with butter).

The better you is going to find it much easier to make healthier choices because you're not forcing yourself to eat things you don't like!

Improving your mental wellbeing - Maybe the same you knows that you need to be busy, but being busy with work is causing a lot of stress and burn-out. And the better you has a few hobbies and interests you've really struggled to get into recently.

The better you can invest more time in the things you enjoy, keeping you busy but focussing on things that help release stresses instead of causing them.

Overcoming anxieties

The same you knows the pain of trying so hard to NOT be anxious in certain situations. So simply telling yourself 'new-year-new-me' discredits the emotion and pain you've experienced. Instead, the better you can use these experiences and learn from them.

The better you will look forward to a future where the anxieties you live with are under your control and you're no longer controlled by them. Because you've reflected on what triggers your anxieties and tried some new anxiety management strategies and figured out what works best for you. And before you know it, the better you might realise that even if you feel some anxiety, it's no-longer debilitating. All because you chose to be the same you, now even better!

Final note

A simple reframing of your new-year resolutions could be the missing link in becoming the best version of you in 2022!

When you're ready to learn more about how I can help you live life, your way:

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In the meantime remember you're pretty awesome already, so celebrate you!

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