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Life. It’s More than just the little bits...

I’m writing this post after just my second day of my family holiday.

We booked back in May ‘just because’ and I regularly post about ‘doing things you enjoy’.

Here’s why...

In May-July the other part of my business (which is all about learning in the corporate world) Was hectic. I was writing a global training programme for leaders in a logistics organisation and leading the ‘learning experience’ for a HUUUUGE transformation programme for another client who is one of the biggest drinks companies in the world.

I was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. And I love it. These projects are still going and I’ll be back at it when I get home. Alongside coaching clients this takes up so much of every day of the week. But I love it. Empowering people at every opportunity to be the best at whatever they do is what drives me.

Things haven’t been smooth. They’ve been up and down and ultimately everything will be amazing in the end.

But I’ve spent so much time working that ‘fun’ has taken a back seat. My wife and kids have been amazing throughout this. And I’ll be honest. If I didn’t have to work, I wouldn’t. If I had enough money to NOT run my businesses I would spend every day making more memories, having more fun and living more experiences.

So until then, I’ll relish moments like today.

Moments when my wife and I just sat side-by-side, reading in the sun.

Moments when me and all of my children leapt from the big ‘inflatable’ in the ‘big pool’.

Moments when my eldest two ganged up on me to mock my big ears.

And when my younger two looked horrified when I pretended to pull a straw from my nose and drink from it.

Life is hard. And there are things you MUST do to simply make it through. So ALWAYS find joy in the little things, the SILLY things and most importantly, remember that your family are more important than ANYTHING you do. So make them number one. And make them the centre of everything.

I’m off to enjoy more ‘moments’ on my holiday. Be sure to enjoy your todays and tomorrows!!

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