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Live life your way. Today!

In this post I'm going to tell you some things that are going to make you realise that the life you want to live is within reach. And why, by the end of today, you can be closer to it than you are right now.

To do this. You only need three things. If you want faster result, you'll need a fourth!

First, let me explain why what I'm about to tell you will be life-changing. And why, if you've seen this before, you're still not living the life you want!

Why is this life-changing?

These steps will be life-changing because you'll actually see results, today. Not only that, as you start to follow the steps you'll realise that these results fuel even more success and before you know it, life is yours to define at every step!

I've heard this before. It made no difference. Why will this work?

If you've heard this before, and it made no difference. There's one of two reasons.

1 - What you heard before wasn't actually the same as this - it might have been similar.

2 - What you heard before wasn't right for you at the time.

Most people will fall into number 2 here. Because it's important for you to know that the greatest tools and techniques in the world are useless if you're not ready for them. Or they're not what you need at that time.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink!

So my challenge for you right now is to ask yourself: "Am I actually prepared to do something that will change my life? Today?". If you answer no, stop reading. You're just wasting your own time and you've got better things to be doing.

If you answered yes - awesome! Because these three steps only work if you're actually prepared to do something. Remember - my role as a coach is to enable you, equip you and prepare you for success. I can't do it for you.

3 (or 4) steps to living life your way. Today!

STEP 1: Define success

This is the most important step. To be successful and take control of your life you need to know what success looks like. Then you have your destination (Would you start a journey without a destination?)

To do this you should write down these things:

What success means for you: At home, at work, in relationships, with your career, with your standard of living, with your quality of life. Whether it's just one of these, or all of them - and be as specific as you can be.

Then once you've written it down. Re-write it in positive, forward focused language.

Then, imagine that you have reached your goal (it usually helps to close your eyes and visualise) - What do you see around you? What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? What sounds do you hear? And what is your internal voice saying to you? And what can you smell around you?

Ask yourself how will you know that you've reached your goal? What will be happening? What proof will you show yourself that you've achieved it?

Then think about your goal, what will you be able to do once you've achieved it? Who are you doing this for? When are you going to achieve this? Where will you be when you've achieved it? And who will be with you, at your side, when you have achieved it?

Repeat each step until you have defined your goal in a way that is compelling, achievable and meaningful.

STEP 2: Create your plan

In step 1 you've already realise how amazing your life is going to be. You know your destination. And you really want to make it happen. Starting today!

In step 2 you're going to create your plan, your route, your list - whatever you want to call it. This will be your sat-nav to success.

So do this:

Write everything you need to do to achieve each part of your goal. Start with what you're going to do as soon as you've finished this list. Maybe it's about making a phone call, messaging someone, booking a coaching session - whatever it is, make the first step something you're going to do today.

And then keep adding to it. Your plan might last a week. It might last 10 years. It doesn't matter - as long as your plan is something you will follow and something you know will lead to the success you've just defined.

Take as long as you need to for this. And guess what! Life changes. So expect that your plan will change, often.

STEP 3: Complete your actions

This is easy! Do the things you've just planned. And start now! If you're reading this, you can take action now. Any excuse you give to yourself about 'starting tomorrow' is a lie. If you have time to read this. You have time to change your life. Today!

I promise you that if you do, you'll reach your success.

And I can also promise that if you don't follow your actions, you won't. And you've wasted a your own time. And probably made yourself feel worse because you're not moving forward. You're sitting still, even though you know you can move forward.

STEP 4 (Optional): Get Help!

You can do step 1 to 3 on your own. And you'll succeed. If you don't think you can do it alone - then message me (via E-mail or Social Media) - or book a free discovery call (click here). I'll help you. It's the reason I'm here!

If you want faster results, better tools in your arsenal and someone to keep pushing and challenging you to reach success sooner, then get help - Ask me. It's what I do!

Still not convinced?

Fair enough - there are lots of bold promises made in today's world. The difference in this post? I'm going to back it up.

Use one of these today and I'll help you realise why all of what I've said is true.

Final note

At the start of this post I wrote:

"In this post I'm going to tell you some things that are going to make you realise that the life you want to live is within reach. And why, by the end of today, you can be closer to it than you are right now."

The fact you've read this far means you're one of two types of person - either you're determined to change. Or you want to find something in this post you can use to message me, and tell me I'm wrong. Either is fine.

And whichever of the two you are, by reading all of this, the following is now fact. And means you will be closer to the life you want by the end of today, than you are now.

1 - You know the steps to take to get the life you want.

2 - When reading through each step, you actually visualised, considered or thought about in some way how you would complete each step - this is how your brain works and how it makes sense of what it's reading.

3 - Because of point 2 you've already started. You already know more. You already know how. And you've already taken your first steps towards the life you want.

So what's stopping you taking another step forward and getting even closer to the life you want?

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