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Live Limit-Free. Always

Hey! If you're reading this, the title (or maybe the image) caught your attention. Which tells me the thought of living limit-free sounds good to you. So keep reading to find out what the hell I'm on about...

What does 'Live Limit-Free' mean?

Living Limit Free is about living the life you want, the way you want to. With the freedom, confidence and empowerment to achieve your ambitions, overcome life’s challenges and face each day with the drive, determination and mindset that you decide your journey.

Living Limit-Free means you are the reason for your success. And you reap the benefits.

That's all well and good, but what does it mean in practice?

Great question!

The first thing to know about deciding to live limit-free is this.

Most people, every day, have an idea, feel inspired or have the desire to do something that's going to make them happy, make life more fulfilling or help them achieve their dreams. When you have those moments it's wondering. You start to get all excited about the possibilities ahead of you and what it would mean for the way you live your life.

It even happens with the smaller things. Like deciding to change your look, behave more confidently or try something new.

The amazing thing about these moments of inspiration is that they are the real you trying to get out. It's your unconscious mind giving you an opportunity to be you. And to live your life your way.

But then...

What usually happens is you might spend another 20 or 30 minutes imagining what life would be like if you just took the step towards your idea. And then you convince yourself it's never going to happen.

You start to tell yourself you're being daft and you'll never be able to do it. Giving yourself more and more excuses until you end up annoyed with yourself for even thinking something so ridiculous!

And do you know why? Because of the in-built mindset and attitudes you have in your unconscious mind towards new and challenging things.

What does that even mean?

I'm glad you asked. It means that through your life, without you even realising, your unconscious mind uses your experiences and memories to create habits, beliefs and attitudes to certain things with a view to minimising the risk to your life.

The thing is, this starts from really young age where your understanding of the world isn't the most useful. And it builds on these time and again so that what you end up with is a set of beliefs, values and attitudes to govern the way you live your life.

And if you're regularly find yourself having dreams, ambitions and goals then telling yourself it's never going to happen 'for someone like you'. Or that it's just too difficult, so never even trying. Then you have a set of limiting beliefs and attitudes that are working against you, and hiding the real you.

So how do I live a limit-free life?

Living limit-free means you need to do just four things:

  1. Commit to take control of your life, to live limit-free and to live your life, your way.

  2. Create clear and compelling definition of what living your life, your way means to you.

  3. A limit-free mindset.

  4. A list of actions you will take to live limit free.

Give me a few more minutes of your time, and I'll tell you how you go about doing each of these.

Making a conscious decision to live limit-free

I know some of you reading this will have already said 'fuck yeah! I'm up for living limit-free' in your head. Right?

And if it was that easy, we'd all be loving life every day...

The truth is, saying something in your head is a bit like when you were at school at you muttered an answer under your breath instead of raising your hand and telling the class. No-one hears it. You're not accountable. And if the question (or in this case, commitment) was actually more difficult than you thought, you don't expose yourself to any challenge.

So instead of just saying it in your head, say it out loud. Tell your significant other. Write a post on Social Media - or if all of those are a bit too scary - comment on this blog or drop me an email telling me you're committed to taking control of your life, you want to live limit-free and from this moment you're going to live your life, your way!

And remember - this is step one!

Creating your clear and compelling future

This is more than just a single sentence. Or a statement. It's about defining your future with so much clarity and detail that it's irresistible and you can transport yourself into your future success by simply closing your eyes.

It takes a little effort to really master this and in the Living Limit-Free workshop, I'll walk you through each and every step of creating your clear and compelling future and hard-coding success right through it!

Developing your limit-free mindset

This is the core of my up-coming workshop (details to be announced once I have a venue able to accommodate it). Put simply, you'll start to release your limitations, begin transforming your mindset to one full of empowering beliefs and a productive attitude.

By the time you've finished your follow-up session you'll have everything you need to take control and start living limit-free.

What else?

The final step is to create your list of actions you will take to genuinely live your life limit-free. It's more than just a to-do list. It's your route to success and we'll work on it in the workshop.

The most important element of all of this is you!

As the saying goes, 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink'. The same is true with a limit-free mindset. I can give you everything you need to start living limit-free but it's up to you to actually do it. It's up to you to keep your commitment to embrace your empowering beliefs and it's up to you to complete your actions. I won't (and can't) do it for you, and I won't pretend I can.

And when you look back on your life in 40 years time, imagine the opportunities that have passed you by because 'it took a bit of effort' or because 'it was scary to to try something new'. Or you could commit to living your life, your way now and do something about it. It really is that simple.

So how will it help me, right now?

Here's some simple example of what a limit-free mindset and living limit-free will do for you:

If you're currently dealing with anxiety, stress or worry...

Living Limit-Free means anxiety, stress and worry are under your control, not the other way around. It means you're equipped to reduce the symptoms of anxiety or stress and get back do being the best you!

If all you want in life is to be happy and fulfilled...

With a limit-free mindset you’ll finally realise exactly what it’s going to take to make you feel happy and fulfilled. And because you've got the tools you need you can make it happen!

If your biggest goal right now is health and fitness...

Living limit-free means your health and fitness goals are empowered and infinitely more achievable, not restricted by the limiting belief that it's 'too hard'.

Want to focus on achieving your best quality of life

Your limit-free mindset will help you move toward the quality of life you want, the way you want with a clear vision, clear plan and direct action.

Maybe you just want to improve your living standards

Living limit-free means you decide the standard of living that’s right for you. And your Limit-Free mindset empowers every thought to make it happen

Want a new job? Or looking to master your career? Maybe start your own business?

You can achieve anything you want to in your career. And a Limit-Free Mindset will help you realise your potential is limitless! Then you'll start to take action to do it. It really is that simple.

Or do you just want to be the best you can be and grow as a person, or professional?

Living limit-free and the limit-free mindset will help you open doors you always thought closed to someone like you. And when they're open you'll walk through with your head held high!

Still not sure if living limit-free is for you?

Hey, I get it. The whole point of this blog is to share something the can be the game-changer for every part of your life. But I'm not naiive, I know some people aren't ready to achieve the amazing things that are right in front of them, so if that's you - when you're ready to commit to living life on your terms, you know where I am.

And if you're already living life the way you want, awesome! Let's chat, I'd love to hear about how you're doing.

If, right now, you're still unsure of whether it's something you can commit to, then I'll make this final point.

Living limit-free isn't just about doing something 'now and again', it's a re-mapping of some of the beliefs you've held for a long time that are impacting every decision you make. And it isn't just about attending a workshop and hoping for the best, it's about creating the empowering beliefs, hard-coding success into your goals and developing the positive attitude to your own life. All while learning the tools for you to keep doing it day after day. If you're wanting someone to do it for you, or you're scared of someone calling you out for not keeping to your commitments, then it's not for you.

If, on the other hand, your life right now isn't what you want it to be. And you feel there are people, situations or even your own thoughts from living life the way you want, get in touch!

Where, when can I get to the workshop?

With the situation with COVID-19 I'm still waiting to hear back from a few amazing venues - I can't exactly tell you to live limit-free sat in a grey windowless boardroom, right?

As soon as I get the information I need, I'll be finalising the dates, times, prices and Mindset-Packs you'll receive and in the next few weeks I'll be hosting a Webinar to tell you all about it.

It's important to know that spaces are limited so if you want to be one of the first to hear about it, get in touch and leave your Name & Email and once I've shared it with the ALS Free Coaching Community, you'll hear about it!

Important: Please DO NOT leave details in the comments of his post or publicly on social media - it's public so I can't keep it secure for you! And if you mail me your details, I never share subscriber details and only use them to keep you updated on courses, workshops and so-on.

Final note

If none of this made any sense, or you want more info, just give me a shout..

And remember, muttering to yourself that you'll live life on your terms isn't going to make it happen - so leave a comment, or tell the world that right now. This moment is when everything changes!

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