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Say 'Yes' more. Because you can!

Life is about opportunities, experiences and memories...

See this? It's the result of saying Yes twice in one evening, when I'd usually say no. Or make an excuse.

You see, it was Friday evening, we had planned to go shopping on Saturday and grab some of the things we needed for the kids school uniform ready for September (we're not counting down the seconds, honest!) and Gemma (my wife) suggested we go shopping on Friday evening.

This was the first Yes. And why was this different? Let me explain...

First, there's the fact that we have four kids and shopping for School Uniform can be utter chaos! So we usually try to make sure we've got plenty of time to get the things we need.

So by saying Yes to go shopping on a Friday evening, it was a risk. It could have been chaos.

But we discovered something amazing! Because it was late, and because people are generally still limiting their shopping due to Covid, it was really quite. And the kids were awesome.

What's more, since our kids were young and I used to work an old fashioned 9-5 schedule with work we've created the habit of 'stopping' at 5-7pm so we could get the kids to bed and get ready for the next day. So for us the prospect of going shopping on an evening wasn't something that we ever usually considered...

So what about the second yes?

When we'd finished shopping we grabbed a Maccies for Tea (Dinner for any Southerners reading this, haha) and then realised we didn't really want to go home. So when we considered our options we decided we'd park up at the beach and go for a walk to catch the Sunset.

As you can see, it created some beautiful moments. And memories that would never have happened if we'd have said no.

And given our usual routine a No was the most likely answer.

Why am I telling you this?

Because of the opportunities you've missed and never even realised.

Because of the memories you haven't created because you said no.

And because of the life you will have if you say yes more often.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - your life is yours to define. Your future is waiting for you to write it and your happiness is yours to control.

And that's what saying Yes more is all about.

Imagine this...

You've been thinking for a while that you'd like to make a change to your life. Maybe it's about being healthier or happier. Maybe it's about having more experiences. Maybe it's being more organisation. It might even be that you want a new career. For the sake of this blog, let's say you were tired of being stuck in the same old routine...

And one day you were having a coffee when your friend came over to have a coffee and a chat. While you were chatting your friend they suggested you come with them to the town as they pick up some bits. Nothing major but just something to keep you busy as you have no other plans.

It's decision time.

If you say no...

You stay at home, having the feelings you have right now. Maybe feeling a little worse because you've just passed up an opportunity to do something interesting

You'll probably stare at your phone or the T.V. for the rest of the evening. Before going to bed and doing it all again tomorrow.

When you say yes...

You and your friend jump in a taxi to town and start picking up the few bits they wanted to. Between stores you both notice a new cafe. So decide to grab a coffee and bite to eat. And just talk (mostly rubbish) before carrying on shopping.

Then when you're in a shop you notice an outfit (Ladies - this could be a dress, with pockets, that's perfect for this time of year. And your figure! | Gents - maybe it's a great shirt, jacket and pair of jeans) that's a little bit 'out-there' for your usual style. But it's nice. And you have the money. Your friend encourages you to buy it. So you do.

And by the time you've finished doing what your friend needed to do it's been a great day. And your friend says 'A couple of us are going out tonight. If you're free, why don't you join us? You could wear that outfit you've just bought'.

You're not busy. And you're on a roll so you say yes. Again! You end up having an awesome night out, have a great laugh and meet some people you haven't seen for ages. All-in-all it was an awesome day.

After this, you keep in touch with the people you re-connected with last night. You have more opportunities for experiences and memories and the rest is history...

So you see, saying yes is a way you can do more, experience more and achieve more.

And saying no can close off opportunities you're presented with and keep hidden some opportunities you'll never even know about.

Okay, so what now?

I can promise you that saying Yes more will open opportunities.

I can promise you that there are times saying No will still be the right thing to do.

And I can promise you that saying Yes isn't always easy, but it's usually rewarded.

The rest depends on whether you're prepared to try. Nothing happens without you taking the first step towards the life you want. So ask yourself if you really want to spend the next few weeks, months or years in the same routine and doing the same old things. Or do you want to start living your life, your way today?

I'm guessing that if you've read this far you want results now. And you're ready to work at it today. The things I've mentioned might just be that first step you need. And if you something more specific, let me know. Maybe one of these will be useful... Free Coaching Group

It's your life. Live it your way and be the reason you succeed.

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