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You know, you have everything you need to succeed...

And it's important to accept what you already know!

In early 2012 I was in a position as a Leader of a learning function, tasked with improving the performance of my team, implementing a thorough approach to performance management and transforming the culture, capability and methodology we used. It was quite a daunting task for me because I didn't have experience in some of these areas and I could not see an end of the challenges ahead. What really challenged me was hearing that my new manager was someone I had not particularly worked with in a significant capacity and she was someone with a 'no-nonsense' reputation.

In one of our first discussions, she recalled a conversation she'd had with one of her previous managers a few years earlier. She told me the story about how her manager had a fearsome reputation and was great at getting things done. In one discussion, my new manager asked her old manager 'How do you do it?' and the response she was given, and which I was now hearing, was this:

I'll tell you a secret... I'm always expecting that knock on the door, or phone-call from the person who's going to realise that I don't actually know what I'm doing. I'm always expecting to be caught out!

My manager was astounded hearing the answer to her question. Here was someone held in high esteem, someone who delivers results and appears invincible! And she's just like me. Worried about the same things as me. But why?

You have everything you need to succeed?

The statement (or title) of this post is true. And it's something, you should accept.

Just think about that thing you're really striving for. It could be a personal goal, like wellness, health and lifestyle. Or even financial or career progression. It may even be a corporate goal, such as improved performance for your team/organisation. It may be something different.

You know the feeling, when you want something, you feel that there's an opportunity or a great win just on the horizon, but you just can't see what it is!

What you should remember is that YOU are the one who makes the difference. You are the one with the know-how and you are the one who will see that goal, and reach it, and feel those feelings of success, which will be the result.

Steve Jobs did it. Angela Merkel does it and so did Usain Bolt. They have the know how. And so do you.

This is what they know...

First, they know what they want to achieve. Apple? Think differently. Usain Bolt? The greatest sprinter on the planet. Angela Merkel? To make German succeed.

Second, they knew they needed to look for the right people (or tools) to make this goal a reality. This could be skilled employees, innovative technologies, the right coach or associates and colleagues who understand and share their vision.

Third, they aligned their actions to their goals. Want to think differently? Do things differently and move towards a way of doing things others don't. Want to be the greatest sprinter on the planet? Do things which make you faster and change any habits which could make you slower. Want to make your country great? Do the things that make this true and help others play their part in making this happen.

Finally, they kept true to their goal. If it need re-calibrating, re-calibrate. If they needed more (or different) resources, they sought them out.

And now you know...

...That you really do have all of the resources to succeed. When you hear yourself discussing how can I achieve my goal? You can remember that you will make your goal a reality when you're clear on what that reality looks like and what success feels like. You know that you can learn new skills and build relationships, and find the resources to make it happen. And you know you will align all of the right tasks to make it happen.

Back in 2012...

It was a conversation that resonates with me still and was a moment that helped me grow exponentially. Helped me deliver on the things I was looking at and made me grasp the opportunity with both hands.

I learned that I had lots to achieve and that it's not just that the role models I had went on to achieve great things because they were special - and they are; it's because they were doing, instead of waiting.

So in 2012 I was able to find a coach and a mentor, gain qualifications to give me the skills I needed, and I work with my team to bring them along the journey.

It was certainly not easy and it wasn't overnight. But it worked. And I'm grateful to coaches and mentors for showing me that I did know what needed to be done, that I did have everything I needed to succeed and I simply needed to accept that, and move towards it.

Are you ready to succeed?

Get in touch. Today.

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